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Project Description
This is an ASP.NET project using Web Forms to demonstrate application of AJAX and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) to transfer data between server and client. This application implements CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operation which could be a good sample for any beginners to learn about AJAX and JSON and apply it in their projects.

Features covered are as follows:
  1. JQuery Library 1.9 : To submit and process AJAX request/response, convert user input to JSON and perform DOM manipulation
  2. JQuery UI : JQuery extension to implement date picker control
  3. JSON : Data exchange format between server and client
  4. Json.NET : To serialize / deserialize JSON object at the server side
  5. SqlClient : To access database and perform database operation using stored procedure
  6. N-tier architecture : Implement n-tier architecture by separating the codes between presentation, processing and data layer

This solution is portable (database included, find in App_Data folder).

Please create a post in Discussion section in case you need any clarification or have related queries.
Use Issue Tracker for any bugs/error that you encountered.

  2. Video - Fetch JSON data using JQuery AJAX Method
  3. Json.NET

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